Prof. Xavier Ottavy
Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics LaboratoryEcole Centrale de Lyon,France

Xavier Ottavy is Director of Researcher at the National Centre for the Scientific Research (CNRS) in France. Since 2016, he is at the Head of the Turbomachinery Department in the Laboratoire of Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics (LMFA) located at the Ecole Centrale de Lyon (ECL) in France. 
After his PhD thesis in Fluid Mechanics (Turbomachinery) at the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Xavier OTTAVY has been working as a Research Associate at the Cambridge University in the Whittle Lab, with Rolls Royce supports. At the end of year 2000, he got his permanent researcher position at CNRS and joined the Turbomachinery Department of the LMFA, where he is working on the unsteadiness and instabilities in compressors. For its studies he uses low speed experimental test cases but also high–speed tests rigs with realistic machines which need powers of several MegaWatts. In 2009, he became the supervisor of the CREATE Project (based on the 2MW test rig ECL-B2 with an high-speed multistage axial compressor from Snecma), and in 2011 he started the project PHARE-2 (based on the 3MW test rig ECL-B3 dedicated to UHBR fans research in aerodynamics, aeroelasticity and acoustics fields). Since 2022 he is working on the open test case ECL5 (UHBR composite fan) with the focus on nonsynchronous vibrations. His projects are then based on experimental studies with some metrology and CFD developments, and are achieved with a strong connection with the industrials (especially with SAFRAN Group).