About CITC

The CITC (Chinese International Turbomachinery Conference) is sponsored by the Chinese International Turbomachinery Industrial Alliance, which is a unique turbomachinery industry organization in China. The CITC is a biennial international conference, where the first CITC was organized in 2013. Since then the CITC focuses on promoting both fundamental and engineering applications and is of primary interest to researchers, engineers, professors, students and end-users in the field of turbomachinery. It is a key event for technology transfer through the presentation of the latest developments and best practices. The CITC has become a trendsetter conference outlining the roadmap to the future and is known to be one of the most cutting-edge meetings comprising all aspects of turbomachinery. As the Chinese unique and biggest high-level turbomachinery conference, CITC focuses on the Chinese industry background and establishes a platform for exchanging ideas and solutions, encouraging partnerships across academic and industry in the world.

Scope of the Conference

The scope of the conference is the theory, design, numerical simulations, experimental studies, experimental methods and applications in the field of turbomachinery. A large range of topics is covered such as compressors, blowers, fans, pumps, hydro turbines, steam and industrial gas turbines, wind turbines, expanders, refrigeration compressors and aero-engines. Papers are welcome when they are related to one or more of the following subjects:

Ⅰ Aerodynamics / Hydrodynamics
  Numerical methods and advanced simulations
  Experimental and measurements 
  Post-processing and data analysis
  Design and optimization
Ⅱ Structures and Systems Dynamics
  Reliability analysis 
  Fatigue, vibration, fracture and life prediction;
  Rotor dynamics
  Bearings and seals (air bearings, magnetic bearings, dry gas seals, etc.) 
  Design and optimization
Ⅲ Aeroelasticity
Ⅳ Aeroacoustics
Ⅴ Heat transfer and combustion
Ⅵ Manufacturing processes and new materials
Ⅶ Fault diagnostics and maintenance
Ⅷ Digital Twins
Ⅸ New products and applications