About CITC

The CITC (Chinese International Turbomachinery Conference) ,is sponsored by the Chinese International Turbomachinery Industrial Alliance (CITA), is a renowned conference that brings together industry and research communities from China and across the globe. With a primary focus on both fundamental and engineering applications, CITC serves as a vital gathering for researchers, design engineers, students, and users in the turbomachinery field. It serves as a key platform for technology transfer by showcasing the latest developments and best practices.

Distinguished as a trendsetter biennial conference, CITC paves the way for the future and stands out as a cutting-edge meeting that encompasses all facets of turbomachinery. This conference facilitates the exchange of ideas and solutions, fostering collaborations between academia and industry.

The previous five CITC conferences have been resounding successes, offering invaluable opportunities for researchers, engineers, and aspiring students worldwide. The 5th CITC, held in Kunming, witnessed over 700 participants from across the globe. The event featured 19 invited lectures, 14 keynote presentations, and an impressive array of over 147 technical papers presented across 34 parallel sessions.

About Organizer 
Chinese International Turbomachinery Industrial Alliance(CITA), is a voluntary association of enterprises dedicated to fostering collaboration among outstanding domestic and international universities, research institutes, manufacturers, and end users in the field of turbomachinery. CITA serves as the sole technological innovation alliance in China exclusively focused on turbomachinery, forming a robust industrial organization for communication, cooperation, development, manufacturing, and application services in this domain.

The Chinese Journal of Turbomachinery was established in 1959 which is an unique journal focus on turbomachinery field in China.It has a wide readership, from scientific research institutes, to enterprise engineering, university, designers to end-users, and is the most authoritative journal for readers of turbomachinery field in China.Chinese Journal of Turbomachinery offers rapid dissemination of novel, high-quality, cutting-edge original findings on theoretical or applied topics from the turbomachinery. Papers are subjected to high-quality peer review process.

Organizer of CITC2024
Organizer:Chinese Interntaional Turbomachinery Industrial Alliance (CITA)
Co-organizer:School of Energy Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology
Nanhai Institute of Harbin Engineering University,Xihua University

Scope of the Conference
The scope of the conference is the theory, design, numerical simulations, experimental studies, experimental methods and applications in the field of turbomachinery. A large range of topics is covered such as compressors, blowers, fans, pumps, hydro turbines, steam and industrial gas turbines, wind turbines, expanders, refrigeration compressors and aero-engines. Papers are welcome when they are related to one or more of the following subjects:

Ⅰ Aerodynamics / Hydrodynamics
  Numerical methods and advanced simulations
  Experimental and measurements 
  Post-processing and data analysis
  Design and optimization
Ⅱ Structures and Systems Dynamics
  Reliability analysis 
  Fatigue, vibration, fracture and life prediction;
  Rotor dynamics
  Bearings and seals (air bearings, magnetic bearings, dry gas seals, etc.) 
  Design and optimization
Ⅲ Aeroelasticity
Ⅳ Aeroacoustics
Ⅴ Heat transfer and combustion
Ⅵ Manufacturing processes and new materials
Ⅶ Fault diagnostics and maintenance
Ⅷ Digital Twins
Ⅸ New products and applications