Prof. Pietro Zunino
University of Genova,Genova, Italy

Department of Mechanical, Energy, Management and Transportation Engineering University of Genova (Italy).
M.Sc. Degree in Mechanical Engineering with honors, curriculum on Energy and Propulsion 
Von Karman Institute(NATO, Belgium) Diploma Course in Turbomachinery with honors. 
Designer of Turbomachinery at Hydroart S.p.A. (Ansaldo, Riva, Tosi), Milano (1977-1983).
Assistant Professor, University of Genova ( 1983-1987).
Associate Professor of Fluid Machinery at the University of Genova (1987-2000).
Full Professor of Turbomachinery (since 2000).
Visiting Professor of the Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University ( since 2015).
Director of the Fluid Machinery, Energy Systems and Transportation Department ( DIMSET), University of Genova (2005-2011).
Director of the Department of Mechanical , Energy, Management and Transportation Engineering ( DIME), University of Genova ( since 2012).
Author of more than 150 international scientific papers on Aero-thermodynamics of Turbomachinery for Power Generation and Aeronautical Propulsion.
Session chairman of International Scientific Conferences:
Scientific reviewer for International Conferences and Scientific Journals.
Member of the International Scientific Committee of ISAIF Conferences.
Evaluator for the European Commission VI and VII Framework, Aeronautical and Space.
Scientific responsible of European Commission Research Projects on Gas Turbines.
Manager for industrial research contracts on turbomachinery .
Gas Turbine Design Specialists team leader.

Main research activities and expertise:
- boundary layers in turbomachines;
- development of experimental techniques for flow measurements in turbomachines (HW, LDA, PDA, PIV);
- experimental analysis of turbulence and secondary flows in gas turbine cascades;
- experimental analysis of relative flow and turbulence in axial and centrifugal rotors;
- rotor-stator aerodynamic interaction in turbomachines;
- time varying wake flow characteristics and profile boundary layers in turbine cascades;
- unsteady aerodynamics of gas turbine premixing burners;
- boundary layer separation control;
- development of high-lift profiles for aero-engine gas turbines;
- gas turbine design coordination;
- micro gas turbine design coordination.