Information for Exhibitors of the 6th CITC

CITC is the largest, highest level and most comprehensive academic conference in the turbomachinery field in China. The 6th CITC will be held in Sanya from August 2nd to 4th, 2024. More than 750 attendees are expected to visit the conference. The participants come from enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities and end-users in turbomachinery and related industries in China and abroad. This conference will host an exhibition of turbomachinery and related products with 1020m2 exhibition area, where is located in the immediate vicinity of the conference meeting rooms.

The range of exhibition products include: gas turbines, wind turbines, turbo compressors, steam turbines, blowers, fans, expanders, turbochargers, pumps, and water turbines, motors, processing of impeller blade, bearings (gas/magnetic), seals, couplings shafts, clutches, dynamic balances service, frequency converters, processing equipment, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, calculation and analysis software, lubricating oils, instruments and meters, control systems, alignment instruments, coolers, etc. 

Exhibition location: Sanya Hailang Bay Maotai Resort-Meeting Center
Registration on site: August 1, 2024 
Conference date: August 2~4, 2024 
Exhibitor move-in date: August 1, 2024 15:00~22:00 
Exhibition date: August 2~4, 2024
Speical sponsor:Dongfang Turbine Co., Ltd.
Sponsor:Chengdu Chengfa Science & Energy Power Engineering Co.,Ltd.
                 Hefei General Mahinery Research Institute Co.,Ltd.
                 Hangzhou Turbine Power Group Co., Ltd.

Exhibitior List of CITC2024

A01-02 Shenyang Group Co., Ltd.
A03-04 Dongfang Turbine Co., Ltd.
A06. Hunan SUND Technological Corporation
A07. 哈尔滨国澜精密机械制造有限公司
A08. Advanced Design Technology
A09. 辽宁环创机械设备有限公司
A10. Nantong Huadong Lubrication Equipment Co., Ltd.
A11. Solberg
A12. Concepts NREC
A13.Wuxi Trumy Transmission Engineering Co.,Ltd.  
A16. NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd. 
A20. Shanghai Anruo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
A22. ZheJiang Chuang Xiang Energy ConservationTechnology Co.Ltd.
A23. Shenzhen Tenfeng Technology Co.,Ltd.
A24. 宙斯能源动力科技(大连)有限公司    
A25. Chengdu Chengfa Science & Energy Power Engineering Co.,Ltd. 
A26. Zigong Dongxin Carbon Co., Ltd. 
A27. Baoding Xianqi Power Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. 
A28. Shanghai Jinyi Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd.   
A29. Jintongling Technology Group Co., Ltd.
A30. Shanghai Kangsheng Aviation Materials Technology Co., Ltd.
A31. 上海尤音机电科技有限公司 
A32. 大连温特纳科技有限公司
A33. 浙江燃创透平机械有限公司  
B02. Shanxi Zhongli Heavy Precision Forging Co.,Ltd.
B03. 沈阳康普森传动机械有限公司
B04. 浙江诸暨市轴瓦总厂有限公司
B05. 丹东诚海机械制造有限公司
B06. Miba Sinter China
B07. 上海索辰信息科技股份有限公司
B10. Hangzhou Pengkang Automation Co., Ltd.
B11. Nanjing Gaozai Gear Co., Ltd.
B12. Suzhou Double Gold Industry Co., Ltd.
B13. Suzhou Asia-Pacific Intelligent Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.
B14. 广州仓韬机电技术有限公司
B15. Shanghai Guang its Dayton Public Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.
B16.Hengshui Electric Motor Co., Ltd.
B18. Dover Corporation
B20. 上海星汉环境保护有限公司 
SF1. Xiongming Aviation Industry (Wuhu) Co., Ltd.
SF2. Hangzhou Turbine Power Group Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Booth & Background Plate Price 

1) Booth(1F Around Danxia Grandballroom)
The space of a standard booth is 2m×2m,with one 2m×3m bakcground plate decorations, one table, two chairs, and power supply. Company listing in the conference program and website.The booth price is 30,000RMB, which includes two conference registrations fee. In case a special decoration for a booth is required, an additional installation fee shall be paid and the organizer shall be notified before July 1st. Only products of the same company can be displayed in one booth. All exhibitors' bakcground plate will be printed by the organizer and exhibitors are required to submit plate images by 10 July.

2) Background plate (3F See blue corridor area in the map)
The background plate decorations size is 2m×3m, the price is 15000 RMB includes one conference registration fee.All exhibitors' bakcground plate will be printed by the organizer and exhibitors are required to submit plate images by 10 July.

Exhibition map


Booth Layout Description
Sanya Haitang Bay Moutai Resort-Meeting Building is connected to the Moutai Zhenpin Hotel, when entering the Meeting Building, you will first pass through a long corridor (3F) where layout 24 exhibitors‘s Background Plate, When walking at the end of this corridor, there are escalators leading to the Danxia Grandballroom/Chishui room on the 1F and 10 small meeting rooms on the 4F respectively. Danxia Grandballroom will hold the opening ceremony and invited presentations, and 10 small meeting rooms will be used for the parallel sessions. The area around the Danxia Grandballroom is equipped with 52 booths.

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