Sanya welcomes you!

CITC 2024 is scheduled to take place in SanYa, located at the southernmost point of the beautiful Hainan island. This region boasts the unique distinction of being the only place in China with a tropical marine monsoon climate. SanYa enjoys a consistently pleasant temperature range of 26 to 31 degrees throughout the year, with August temperatures not exceeding 32 degrees.

Thanks to its distinctive geographical environment, Sanya stands as the sole place in China blessed with both tropical rainforest and oceanic vistas. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, the convergence of mountains, the sea, and rivers creates a breathtaking natural panorama. Numerous hilltops offer vantage points to appreciate the sea, bay, and urban landscapes. The city's natural beauty and excellent ecological conditions make Sanya a haven for daily life, travel, and vacations.
As of March 15, 2023, citizens from 59 countries can enjoy a visa-free stay of up to 30 days in Hainan Province, further enhancing the accessibility of this enchanting destination.Citizens from France, Italy, Germany, Malaysia,Spain and Netherlands can enjoy a visa-free stay of up to 15 days in China. 

CITC2024 Conference Venue: Sanya Haitang Bay Maotai Resort 

Maotai Resort has four hotels, which located in same area. There are 3 hotels with discounted room rates in this resort, i.e., Maotai Zhenpin hotel, Maotai Jingpin hotel, and Maotai Dianpin hotel. Note that the room rates given below are only valid for bookings until July 9 2024!

On-site registration takes place in the lobby of Maotai Zhenpin Hotel.

Hotel Address:
No.6 Haitang South Road, Haitang Zone, Sanya city, Hai Nan Province, China (海棠区海棠南路6号)
Hotel Tel: +86-0898-37369999


                                 You can choose your favorite from the following 3 hotels!

Option 1: Maotai Jingpin Hotel (茅台精品酒店) 
Room rate: 450RMB per night including 2 buffet breakfasts
King room: 36m2, one bed (1.8m), including kitchen with refrigerator,microwave oven,exhaust hood,induction cooker.
Standard room: 36m2, two beds (1.3m), including kitchen with refrigerator, microwave oven, exhaust hood, induction cooker.

Option 2: Maotai Dianpin Hotel (茅台典品酒店) 

Room rate: 450RMB per night including 2 buffet breakfasts.  
King room: 36m2, one bed (1.8m)  
Standard room: 36m2, two beds (1.3m)  

Option 3: Maotai Zhenpin Hotel (茅台珍品酒店)
Registration on site takes place in the lobby of this hotel!

Room rate: 600RMB per night including 2 buffet breakfasts 
King room: 46m2, one bed (1.8m),balcony 
Standard room: 46m2, two beds (1.3m), balcony.

Hotel booking
Please note that due to the popularity of the conference venue, each participant must pay for the hotel themselves at the same time when registering for the conference. The payment of the accommodation fee is considered as a valid hotel booking, note that the hotel booking is non-refundable.

The hotel booking must be paid by July 9 2024 to receive the discounted price below for the hotel rooms. The room rates until June 30 2024 are as follows:

Maotai Jingpin Hotel: 450RMB/per night (includes 2 breakfasts)
Maotai Dianpin Hotel: 450RMB/per night (includes 2 breakfasts)
Maotai Zhenpin Hotel: 600RMB/per night (includes 2 breakfasts)

Note: After July 9 2024, the room rates will increase, the updated price will be shown later.

Hotel bank information:

Bank name 开户行名称:中信银行股份有限公司三亚分行
Account name 户名:贵州茅台酒厂(集团)三亚投资实业有限公司海棠湾茅台度假村分公司
Account number 银行账号:8115801011800080941
Tax Account 纳税人识别号:91460000MA7NJMNG12
Payment lines 银行联行号:302642054314
Address 地址:海南省三亚市海棠区海棠南路6号
Contact number 电话:0898-37369999

Important: Please add "CITC <name> <hotel name> <check in/out date>" in the transfer note and send the bank transfer confirmation by email to Contact person: Nan Li, Tel.: 15998276938. A failure to submit the transfer confirmation will result in the conference organizer failing to communicate with the hotel for the room reservation, which may impact the on-site check-in at your own risk.